The candidate experience

An easy-to-use process that promotes your culture of honesty and openness.

Most people are honest in their job applications, but some can be prone to exaggerate certain details – or omit others. Why expose your organisation to increased recruitment and training costs, low productivity, or even reputational damage?

Conducting the right background checks helps you mitigate the risks of bad hiring decisions.

Conducting background checks haphazardly can be off-putting for candidates. Getting the process right makes them feel like they’re making the right move. Making everything go smoothly is the job of our dedicated support team whose actions will contribute to your wider on-boarding experience.

How it works – 4 simple steps

  1. We send a secure link to your candidate.
  2. They complete an online questionnaire.
  3. If we need more information or need to see documents, we contact the candidate.
  4. You get a detailed screening report.

“Working with the team at SecureSearch has made conducting our screening on new employees so much more efficient. They are specialists in this area and have taken away all of the hassle involved in the process” – Senior Recruitment Manager